Stay Stylish During Pregnancy – On a Budget!

Let’s face it, not many people get excited to shop for clothes to wear during pregnancy. Fashionable maternity clothes can get expensive, and that’s extra tough when you don’t plan on wearing the clothes much after the baby comes. Now don’t get me wrong, I was definitely excited to wear my baby bump with pride, and I was determined not to compromise on style, while keeping the purse-strings tight. Even though it seemed tough, it was important to focus on saving because coming soon I would have a new princess to shop for!

Over the first months, I was usually able to squeeze myself into my regular clothes. Then when things started not to fit, I made the full fledged switch to stretch, and basically lived in my forgiving workout clothes. Truth be told, I also went out and splurged on one cute dress. This seemed to be going well, and I thought that I could ride this strategy out for while, but baby Saylor had other plans. Before I knew what was happening, I noticed everything was continuing to grow and grow. My belly, my thighs, my arms – you name it – all kept getting bigger. I actually remember saying goodbye to my feet!

With no where to turn but up (in size), I started my search for cute maternity clothes in earnest. I hit the stores and the internet and found a TON of great options, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I was spending on something that I could only enjoy briefly. That’s when I thought, why don’t I go back to my continue to utilize my “stick to the stretch” philosophy? I would focus on finding the styles I wanted, in stretchy fabrics, and just order up a size up or two.

To start, I ordered a couple of simple stretch mini-dresses on Amazon. They looked sleek and stylish, but also comfortable and forgiving, and I definitely wouldn’t mind wearing them at any time – during pregnancy or beyond. When they arrived – JACKPOT! They were adorable, fit like maternity clothes, and were under $20! From there on I was hooked.

Next, I told my husband that I needed to head out and do some research for work – aka go shopping! I started out with a few of my favorite go-to’s for fashion on a budget – Forever 21, Target, and H&M. I also kept my search going with Amazon and a few other online boutiques. While many of these stores do carry maternity clothes, I wanted to be able to keep my options open to all sections of the stores.

So after a LOT more research (wink wink), here’s a few of my tips on how to stay stylish during pregnancy – on a budget!

  • Stick to the stretch!
    • Use stretchy and forgiving fabrics to your advantage. You don’t need to stay in the maternity section to do this! Find clothes that conform to your form, no matter what it is. Whether it be pants or skirts with elastic waistbands, ruched dresses, or even standard leggings – there are tons of options for any occasion. While you may need to go up on size, there is definite potential for wearability long after your baby arrives.
  • Fit is your friend!
    • While it can be easy just to focus on size and fabric, the cut of the clothing is also hugely important. I often searched for non-maternity dresses that were designed to be “casual” or “loose,” and found that they fit my belly bump just as well!
  • Accessorize!
    • You can always get more bang for your buck when you find ways to make one piece of clothing work in a variety of outfits. Simple pieces and solid colors can be styled up with loose or flowing cardigans, jackets, kimonos and cover-ups of all styles. Even something as easy as tying a fun jacket or sweater around your waist can breathe new life into your outfit.
  • Get creative with sizes!
    • I have gotten lot of mileage of out extra large t-shirts and sweatshirts during my pregnancy. The key was to start big and use ties and cute knots to bring it down to my current size – no matter what it was.
  • Maternity Jeans are Worth It!
    • If you are going to splurge, a pair or two of quality maternity jeans can be a solid foundation for your pregnancy wardrobe. I purchased two pairs, one black and one blue, and used them all the time. While you can also use waistband extenders or even simple rubber bands, I found that the fit of maternity jeans was much more comfortable – and flattering.
Paige Maternity Jeans

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Finally, it’s always important to remember that no matter what you wear during pregnancy – you’re making a baby – and that’s beautiful!



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