Nursing Fashion: My Tips for Breastfeeding Mamas

One of my favorite nursing bras; the Sublime by Kindred Bravely
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Deciding what to wear as a nursing mama was definitely a bit more complicated than I had anticipated! Before Saylor was born, I would stare at my old outfits and daydream about being able to wear them all again as I enjoyed summer walks with my little girl. Reality check! 😂With breastfeeding on the agenda seemingly 24/7, I really have had to keep functionality on the forefront when choosing what to wear. The good news is, there are SO MANY options and techniques that you can use to achieve the look you want – while staying ready to feed on a moment’s notice.

Let’s go over a few of my favorites!

Nursing Bras

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No secret here. Nursing bras are designed with mechanisms that allow you to provide easy breast access for your little one, usually by letting down an extra snap or hook on the strap. These bras come in all levels of support, and often will be made of a more forgiving material to allow for a comfy fit even with changes in size. You’d also be surprised about the variety that exists in the nursing bra category. There are nursing sports bras, racerbacks, pump-friendly bras, and even sexier lacy options to choose from. You’ll find several of these in my closet right now!

Tank Tops

Belly Bandit: Mother Tucker Nursing Tank
This one has a very supportive belly tightening fit, with easy nursing access from above. The material is easy to clean if you wanted to go braless, or you can add in bra inserts for extra leak protection.
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Button up tanks allow easy access to feedings
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Nursing tanks, another of my favorites from Kindred Bravely
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Many brands make nursing-specific tanks that have built-in bras and they are definitely a game changer for simplicity. I love wearing them and using them in layered looks. However, most of these tanks are naturally tighter and more form-fitting so if you are looking for more variety there are definitely several strategies you can use to find a tank top that works for your look, and for nursing. One simple option is just to use a nursing bra with a regular tank – easy peasy. If you’re still looking to expand your options, I think the most important thing to consider is access. How easy is it going to be to get baby to boob? I have found that more flowing tanks usually provide easy access when lifting your shirt or when taking down one strap to go from the top down. Looser material can also provide some extra coverage and privacy when out in public. You can also always ensure a great fit by tying cute knots in the tank to adjust the tightness and fit.

Multiple options for access with these budget-friendly options.
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Long Sleeves

Loose and baggy button up tops are one of my go-to choices.
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I love this long-sleeve V-Neck and my Good American Maternity Jeans
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While tanks may provide easy access for warm weather or layering, it is always important to have options for long-sleeved looks as well. The same principles basically apply for all types of tops. I often try to go with strapless, stretchy looks, or cross-wrap styles with a deeper V-neckline to allow for easy access and minimal exposure

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Dresses and Rompers

Button up dresses like this one from PinkBlush give easy access at feeding time.
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If you’re a woman who likes to wear dresses, there are no shortage of options that can be used effectively when nursing. While it’s similar to tank or other shirts from the top-down, you won’t likely be lifting up your dress over your chest when it’s time to breastfeed 😂so always consider how you will get access from up top. My favorites have been wrap dresses, deep V-neck dresses, bodycon tank dresses, and button-ups.

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Specialized Nursing Attire

Many materinty-focused brands provide options that are specifically designed for nursing moms to wear when they are out and about. You often can’t tell that they’re designed for breastfeeding due to cleverly hidden zippers and layers. While you may not need these added features once your done nursing, a lot of these options are still stylish enough to keep wearing!

Look stylish in nursing attire!
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Other Tips!

If you want to go bra-less, you can use bra pad inserts instead of thick nipple pads.

Layering trick! Wear a tank-top under your shirt so when you lift your shirt to breastfeed, your stomach wont be exposed.

Style tip! You can easily dress up a spandex skirt or jeans with a cute knotted tank.

Let’s talk about our bodies after birth. It can take a long time for our bodies to start to return to pre-pregnancy form. That lingering pregnancy weight can lead to insecurities about certain outfits, and significantly shrink your wardrobe. Personally, I have found that wearing a corset or girdle helps to suck in that lower belly, flatten it out, and that gives me more confidence to wear what I want when going out.

Belly corsets like this one from Bellefit are a great tool that can help give your body a better shape post-partum. They can also help provide lower back support and aide in recovery after a c-section.
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Don’t forget about your bottom half! Keep your maternity jeans and leggings handy, as they can definitely be your best friends until you start shedding off that baby weight. Definitely more comfortable then trying to squeeze into your old pair of jeans!

Stretchy overalls can be a great buy for maternity wear and transition into a great clothing piece for nursing as well.

Remember ladies! You don’t need to break the bank on “nursing” attire. Check out my links to plenty of budget-friendly options!

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