My Experience With Cord Blood Banking: Inheritor Cell Technology

Now that the big day is behind me, I wanted to share my experience using Inheritor Cell Technology (ICT) for cord blood and tissue banking.

When I was first researching cord blood banking options with my husband, we looked at all of the well known companies first. There didn’t seem to be much distinguishing them from each another, so we didn’t really feel drawn to any particular option. As a result, we didn’t really rush to pursue any of them.

During this time, I was approached by ICT, and they were interested in potentially collaborating with me to help spread the word about their company and services. My husband and I were receptive, and started our research into what they had to offer. It didn’t take long before we were sold.

Here’s a couple of reasons why:

  1. ICT doesn’t just store cells, they focus on research and clinical application as well. Both my husband and I work in the medical field and found this to be very important. It made ICT feel like less of a commercial service and more of a potential partner if the situation ever arose where we would need to use these cells. ICT is also partnered with may well known medical institutions in the USA and abroad.
  2. Ease of use. ICT promised to make the entire process seamless and easy for us. The last thing we wanted to worry about during the labor process was coordinating a cord collection process, and they assured it us it would be a piece of cake.

How it Worked

ICT sent their collection kit directly to my home, with instructions to bring it with me when I went in to the hospital. There are a few simple cards for your information that you will need to fill out.

We kept our kit in the “go bag” area along with our other things we were going to bring to the hospital. Fortunately, when my water broke we kept our heads together and didn’t forget anything!

When we got checked in to labor and delivery, we let the team know that we planned to have the cord tissue and blood collected and they were familiar with the process. They also need to collect maternal blood, which they took from me shortly after arrival. There were vials and labels for this in the kit.

The next step was to collect the cord blood and tissue. My labor ended up being complicated both by Chorioamnionitis and then fetal heart rate decelerations, which necessitated that a C-section be performed. We made sure the kit was brought with us to the OR and was given to our OBGYN. After little Saylor was delivered, he obtained the samples and placed them in the provided packaging. Success! There was nothing left for us to do except enjoy our beautiful baby girl and recover.

The following day we called the phone number provided by ICT and a courier came directly to the hospital to pick up the kit from us to bring to the storage facility. That was it! It really could not have been any easier. We are thankful to ICT for keeping their promise of an stress-free process because I definitely was not in need of any extra stress that day!

Note: Storage services were provided in exchange for an honest review and recap of my experience with ICT. No monetary payments were received.

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