Get Perfect Curls with These Hair Styling MUST HAVES!

Hair and Makeup by: Alexis Nicholas Make up
Photos by: Olia Luis Photography

When I was a little girl, I would love to flip through magazines and fantasize about having hair like the models I saw on the pages. However, growing up on a working farm, I didn’t have much time to practice doing my own hair. In fact, I definitely spent more time playing with fur than I did with hair! That didn’t stop me from trying though. I would spend hours in the mirror doing my best to emulate the luxurious waves and curls I saw on the models. The joke was usually on me though, as more often than not I would end up looking like I lost a fight with a blow dryer, my curls were too tight, too skinny, or would just drop. I’d watch the tutorials and ask my friends, but after years of experimenting and trying different curling irons and straighteners I would usually find myself disappointed. That was until I met Alexis Nicholas! You may remember that she was also my stylish savior in my post about my makeup must-haves (click here). I had initially noticed her amazing work on Instagram and had to have her do my hair and makeup for my baby announcement photos. Best decision ever!

After some practice with these products, I finally found my curls!

Before the day of the shoot arrived, I sent her a curated collage of hairstyles from Pinterest that I wanted to use as inspiration for our shoot. I was a little worried that I would overwhelm her but she didn’t hesitate at all and told me no problem! Then like a boss she got straight to work, curling my wily mane of hair. When she finished, I was definitely a bit nervous to look in the mirror. I had been a bit scarred by several years of disappointments with numerous other stylists and was expecting more of the same. Then, I took a quick glance in the mirror, and I seriously thought I was dreaming. She NAILED it! Now I had to find out how she did it!

First, she let me know that to achieve the look I wanted, I would need to get shopping! She gave me a list, including a new curling wand and several other products, and I was off to the races. Thank goodness for the internet, because after only some quick searching, I was able to find it all. Once everything arrived, it was back to Alexis, who helped guide me on the techniques I would need to practice. She really did make it seem easy, and that is definitely a post for another day! I got to work, and now I have never been happier with the look and curls I’m able to create all on my own.

Now without further ado, here are my hair MUST HAVES to achieve those supermodel curls:

• Hair Primer: IGK Cali Time Styling Primer

• Curling Wand: DRYBAR Styling WandPro

***Curling wands can be a bit pricy, but to me, a great wand is an investment that I’m making for years to come. That being said, there are definitely budget conscious alternatives as well, such as the Hommit 2 in 1 Curling Wand, which also has outstanding reviews.

• Design.Me Puff Me – spray this at your roots for volume

• Spray all your curls with the OUAI texturizing hair spray

• Halo hair extensions – human hair. I added these for extra length and volume

Click here to shop this look!

If you are in the San Diego area and are in need of a professional to do your hair and makeup, I would obviously recommend Alexis Nicholas Makeup Artist, she can make your Pinterest dreams a reality.



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